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Please note:

  • Sales only for commercial and industrial customer
  • Inquiries for spare parts are accepted only in written form (fax ⁄ email).
  • Please give name and address of your company, your name (if necessary department) and a telephone number at which we can reach you.
  • Telephone price information is not given by us!
  • Assemblies are not repaired by us or are taken back in the exchange!
  • Of requests for small parts please refrain because we only deliver complete assemblies.
  • On the assemblies delivered by us we grant 1-year warrenty unless otherwise agreed!
  • Technical support by the commissioning of assemblies purchased by us is natural for us. As a service company we dispose of more than 35 years of experience with Siemens-NC, SPS and drive technology.

Price Part number Article description
6EV3055-0BCStromversorgungs-BG, 24VDC-5V/5A
6EV3055-0CCStromversorgungs-BG 24VDC/5V 15A
6EV3055-0DCStromversorgungs-BG, 24VDC/5V, 15A
6EW1060-0ABFiltereinheit AC 230V
6EW1861-2ABStromversorgung 230VAC - 5V/40A
6EW1861-2ACStromversorgung 230VAC - 5V/40A
6EW1861-2ADStromversorgung 230VAC - 5V/40A
6EW1861-2AEStromversorgung 230VAC - 5V/40A
6EW1861-2AFStromversorgung 230VAC - 5V/40A
6EW1861-3ABStromversorgung 230V 15A
6EW1861-3ACStromversorgung 230V 15A
6EW1861-3ADStromversorgung 230V 15A
6EW1861-3BAStromversorgungs-BG 230V - 5V/15A
6FC1122-8AA01Rueckwandbus PLC Sin 850
6FC3178-3EF20MSTT 810T, grau
6FC3238-3EF20MSTT, 820T, X,Z,Q1/Q2, grau
6FC3478-3EF20Externe MSTT 810 M/G/N, X/Y/Z/4./5.
6FC3488-3EFMaschinensteuertafel 850/880, M/ME,
6FC3984-7CB30Bedientafel Sin 820, o. BG, m. TFT
6FC3984-7CD01Bedientafel 810T, 9Z, o. BG, m. Bildschirm u. integr. MSTT
6FC3984-7CE01Bedientafel 810M, 9Z, o. BG, m. Bildschirm u. integr. MSTT
6FC3984-810M_o_MSTTBedientafel 810M o. BG, ohne integr. MSTT
6FC3984-810T_o_MSTTBedientafel 810T o. BG, ohne integr. MSTT
6FC3985-7AU30Bedientafel m. Tastatur u 10,4Z TFT, o. BG, 850/880
6FC3986-3EG20MSTT, 850/880, M-Version, grau
6FC4590-0AP06Erweiterungsrahmen fuer ext. PLC
6FC4600-1AS01Bedientastatur mit Einzelhubtasten und LED
6FC5012-0CA03-0AA0Interface IM328-N Profibus DP Slave
6FC5103-0AB03-0AA3Flachbedientafel 19Z, CCFL, 230V
6FC5103-0AC01-0AA0CNC-Volltastatur o. Tast.Interface
6FC5103-0AD01-0AA0Maschinensteuertafel, T, o. Interface
6FC5103-0AD03-0AA0Maschinensteuertafel, M, o. Interface
6FC5103-0AE01-0AA1Tastatur-Interface-BG 115/230V
6FC5110-0BA01-1AA0NC-CPU-BG 386DX
6FC5110-0BB01-0AA1NC-CPU-BG 486DX, 4MB RAM
6FC5110-0BB04-0AA1NC-CPU-BG 486DX4, 8MB
6FC5110-0CB01-0AA0PLC-CPU-BG 135WD
6FC5110-0DB02-0AA2MMC-CPU 486DX2/66, 8MB RAM
6FC5111-0BA01-0AA0Messkreis-BG 20mm
6FC5111-0CA01-0AA0DMP-Kompakt-Eingabe-Modul, 16E, 24VDC
6FC5112-0CA03-0AA0Interface-BG, 16Bit
6FC5112-0DA01-0AA1Interface-BG MMC, 2*V24, FD, PCMCIA
6FC5112-0EA02-0AA0Rechnerkopplungs-BG CP315, Grund-BG, 1 Schn.St.
6FC5112-0EA03-0AA0Rechnerkopplungs-BG CP315/CP373, Grund+EW-BG, 4 Schn.St.
6FC5114-0AA01-0AA2Stromversorgungs-BG 115/230V
6FC5114-0AB01-0AA0Stromversorgungs-BG 115/230V
6FC5114-0AB01-0AA1Stromversorgungs-BG 115/2320V
6FC5135-0AA01-0AA0Diskettenlaufwerk FD2, 3,5Z
6FC5147-0AA14-0AA2Stromversorgung 115/230V f. Flach-BT 19Z
6FC5203-0AB11-0AA2Flachbedientafel OP31, TFT Colour,
6FC5203-0AB20-0AA0Bedientafel OP32, 14Z Farbbildschirm
6FC5203-0AB20-1AA0Bedientafel OP32S, 14Z Farbbildschirm
6FC5203-0AC00-0AA0CNC-Volltastatur in Querty-Ausfuehrung
6FC5203-0AC00-1AA0CNC-Volltastatur OP032S Querty
6FC5203-0AD10-0AA0MSTT, M, 24V, MPI
6FC5203-0AD10-1AA0Maschinensteuertafel OP032S
6FC5203-0AF01-0AA0Bedieneinheit OP 010 C
6FC5203-0AF02-0AA1Bedientafelfront OP12, 12,1Z m. Folientastatur u. Maus
6FC5203-0AF03-0AA0Bedientafel OP 015, 15,1Z TFT
6FC5203-0AF22-0AA2MSTT MCP483C, mech. Tasten
6FC5210-0DA00-1AA0MMC 100.2, I486
6FC5210-0DA10-0AA1MMC 101, CPU 486SX/25, 540MB, 4MB RAM, Dos 6.2
6FC5210-0DA20-0AA0MMC102, 486DX2-66, 8MB Ram
6FC5210-0DA20-0AA1MMC102, 486DX2-66, 8MB Ram
6FC5210-0DA20-2AA0MMC103, 16MBDRAM, 133MHz
6FC5210-0DA21-0AA1MMC 102, 486DX2/66, 16MB
6FC5210-0DA21-2AA1MMC 103, 200MHz, 64MB, m. System ab 4.2/Win95
6FC5210-0DF02-0AA0PCU 50, PIII, 333MHz m. MHI, 128MB, NT
6FC5210-0DF05-0AA0PCU 50, 500MHz
6FC5210-0DF22-2AA0PCU 50, 1,2GHz 256MB, XP
6FC5210-0DF33-2AA0PCU50.3-P, PM760, 2GHz, 1024MB, XP-Pro
6FC5210-0DF33-2AB0PCU 50.3B-P , 2.0 GHz , 1024 MB , Win XP
6FC5247-0AA17-0AA1Stromversorgung 24V fuer OP31
6FC5356-0BB11-0AE0NCU 561.2, CPU486, PLC315-2 DP
6FC5357-0BA10-0AE0NCU 571.0, 5 Achsen/Sp.
6FC5357-0BA21-1AE1NCU 572.2, 2MB, DP
6FC5357-0BB11-0AE0NCU 571.2, 486, PLC 315-2 DP
6FC5357-0BB11-0AE1NCU 571.3
6FC5357-0BB21-0AE0NCU 572.2, 486, PLC 315-2 DP
6FC5357-0BB22-0AE0NCU 572.3, AMD K6/2, DP
6FC5357-0BB23-0AE0NCU 572.4, AMD-K6, 233MHz, PLC314C, 2DP
6FC5357-0BB33-0AA0NCU 573.3 , 650 MHz , 64 MB
6FC5357-0BB33-0AE0NCU 573.2, PII, PLC 315-2 DP
6FC5357-0BB33-0AE2NCU 573.3, PIII, 500MHz
6FC5357-0BB34-0AA0NCU 573.4, 650MHZ, 64MB
6FC5357-0BB34-0AE1NCU 573.4, 650MHz, 64MB
6FX1120-3BC01Koppel-BG PLC CU/EU Sys8/850
6FX1120-4BB02Com-CPU-BG 850/880
6FX1120-4BC02Com-CPU-BG (C200)
6FX1120-6BA01PLC-CPU 135W. -SW3
6FX1120-7BA01Speicher-BG o. RAM 810/820/850
6FX1120-7BB01Speicher-BG m. RAM 810/820/850
6FX1121-2BC02Interface-BG GA3
6FX1121-3BA01Servo-CPU 16Bit
6FX1121-4BA01Messkreis-BG, 20mm
6FX1121-4BA02Messkreis-BG, 20mm
6FX1121-4BA03Messkreis-BG, 20mm
6FX1121-4BB01Messkreis-BG, 40mm
6FX1121-4BB02Messkreis-BG, 40mm
6FX1121-4BB03Messkreis-BG, 40mm
6FX1121-4BD01Messkreis-BG, 40mm, 1*5-fach-Exe
6FX1121-4BD02Messkreis-BG, 40mm, 1*5-fach-Exe
6FX1121-4BF01Messkreis-BG, 40mm, 3*5-fach-Exe
6FX1121-4BL02Messkreis-BG 40mm, m. 1*5/10-fach Exe
6FX1121-4BL03Messkreis-BG, 40mm m. 1*5/10-fach Exe
6FX1121-7BA02Zentralbus Einzeiler Rahmenzeile B
6FX1122-8BA01Dig. Ausgabe-BG 32A, 0,5A
6FX1122-8BC01Dig. Ausgabe-BG 32*0,5A
6FX1122-8BC04Dig. Ausgabe-BG 32*0,5A
6FX1122-8BD01Dig. Ausgabe-BG, 32*2A
6FX1124-0BA02Dualport-BG, m. Uhr
6FX1124-0BA03Dualport-BG, m. Uhr
6FX1124-0BB01Dualport-BG, o. Uhr
6FX1124-0BB02Dualport-BG, o. Uhr
6FX1124-6AA02Ein/Ausgabemodul, 64D-E (24V), 32D-A (24V, 0,5A)
6FX1124-6AD02Ein/Ausgabemodul, 64E/32A
6FX1125-7BA00Dig. Eingabe-BG, 64E, 24V
6FX1125-7BA01Dig. Eingabe-BG, 64E, 24V
6FX1125-8AA04CPU-BG 810GA1, 128KB, o. Urlader
6FX1125-8AB01CPU-BG 810GA1, 48KB o. Urlader
6FX1125-8AB04CPU-BG 810GA1, 64kB, ohne Urlader
6FX1126-1AA03Video-BG, monochrom
6FX1126-1AA04Video-Grafik-BG, monochrom
6FX1126-5AA01Anschaltungs-BG 3 Handraeder
6FX1126-8BA00Messkreisbaugruppe, 40mm 810 GA1, 850-SW2.x
6FX1126-8BB00Messkreisbaugruppe, 20mm 810 GA1, 850-SW2.x
6FX1128-1BA00Speicherbaugruppe o. RAM
6FX1128-1BB00Speicher-BG m. RAM,
6FX1128-1BE00Speicher-BG, o. Ram, Export-Version
6FX1128-1BF00Speicher-BG, m. RAM, Export
6FX1130-2BA01Tastaturplatine 850/880
6FX1130-2BA03Tastaturplatine BT 820/850/880
6FX1131-5BA01Rechnerkopplungs-BG CP315
6FX1132-0BA01Anschaltung Int/EU MPC
6FX1132-1BA01Interface CU/MPC fuer Mini-EG (mit Stromversorgung)
6FX1132-1BB01Anschaltung Int/CU MPC
6FX1132-8BB01CPU-BG mit Cop, GA2
6FX1135-3BA00RAM-Speicher-Modul, 256KB
6FX1135-6BA01Koppel-BG zur Leit-PLC
6FX1136-1BA01Analog-Eingangs-BG, 8*E
6FX1136-3BA00Servo-CPU 32 Bit m. Co-Prozessor
6FX1136-3BA01Servo-CPU 32Bit m. Co-Prozessor
6FX1136-3BB01Servo-CPU 32Bit o. Co
6FX1136-8BB00Multiport-BG, o. Uhr
6FX1137-3BA00Schnittstellenerweiterungs-BG CP373
6FX1137-8BA02Anschaltung Int/ CU 16Bit
6FX1138-5BA01CPU-BG, 16MHz COP, 810/820GA2, 805SM
6FX1138-5BB03CPU-BG 810/820GA3 805SM, 16MHz mit Co-Prozesor
6FX1138-5BB04CPU-BG 810/820 GA3, 805SM, 16MHz
6FX1138-6BB01PLC-CPU-BG 135WB, COP, 16MHz, 128k
6FX1138-6BK01PLC-CPU-BG 135WB, ACOP, 16MHz, 128k
6FX1138-6BL01PLC-CPU-BG 135WB, ACOP, 16MHz, 256k
6FX1142-2BA02DMP-Modul, 32E
6FX1143-2BA00Monitor-Encoder fuer 2. (3.) Bedientafel
6FX1144-2BA00Anschaltung Int/DMP
6FX1145-6BA00Messkreis-BG, Hochaufloesend, (Sipos)
6FX1147-4BB00CPU-BG, 32Bit (NC/COM)
6FX1151-1BA01Video-BG mit Farbspeicher
6FX1151-1BB01Video-BG, monochrome