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Please note:

  • Sales only for commercial and industrial customer
  • Inquiries for spare parts are accepted only in written form (fax ⁄ email).
  • Please give name and address of your company, your name (if necessary department) and a telephone number at which we can reach you.
  • Telephone price information is not given by us!
  • Assemblies are not repaired by us or are taken back in the exchange!
  • Of requests for small parts please refrain because we only deliver complete assemblies.
  • On the assemblies delivered by us we grant 1-year warrenty unless otherwise agreed!
  • Technical support by the commissioning of assemblies purchased by us is natural for us. As a service company we dispose of more than 35 years of experience with Siemens-NC, SPS and drive technology.

Price Part number Article description
03311-AMesskreis-BG, 2*Istwert
03311-A/BDig. Messkreis-BG, 4*Istwert
03311-BBMesskreis-BG, 4*Istwert
03322-AMesskreis-BG, 1*Istwert, 5*Sollwert
03323-AMesskreis-BG, 1*Ist/5*Sollwert, 12Bit
03400-ACDig. Ein.-/Ausgabe-BG 48E/24A, 24V/100mA
03800-AKoppel-BG PLC-EG
548 025 9001Bedienfeld System 3M, GA 0-2
548 025 9002Bedienfeld System 3T/C200, GA 0-2
6EV3054-0BC (03501-A)Stromversorgungs-BG, 24VDC-5V/25A
6EV3054-0DCStromversorgungs-BG, 24VDC-5V/25A
6EV3054-0FCStromversorgungs-BG, 24VDC-5V/24A
6EV3054-0GCStromversorgungs-BG, 24VDC-5V/25A
6EV3114-0ADStromversorgung fuer BT
6FC3158-3EF (03721-B)Maschinensteuertafel 3T, schwarz
6FC3458-3EF (03721-A)Maschinensteuertafel 3M, schwarz
6FC3981-7GAMaschinensteuertafel 3T/TT, 4B, braun
6FC3988-5MC25Bedientafel Sys3, 9Z, Monocrome, 24V, schwarz
6FX1111-0AA01 (03161)CPU-BG (Slave), GA4 A/B
6FX1111-0AA02 (03162)CPU-BG (Slave), GA4
6FX1111-0AB02CPU-BG (Slave), 5MHz
6FX1111-0AN02CPU-BG (Slave) 0. RAM, GA4B Slave
6FX1111-0AP02CPU-BG, GA4C-M/T, o. RAM
6FX1111-1AA01 (03351)Messkreis-BG, 3*Ist-/3*Sollwert/1*Messfuehler
6FX1111-4AB00Dig. Ein/Ausgabe-BG 32E/32A 0,1A
6FX1112-0AA01 (03461-A)Dig. Ausgabe-BG, 16A, 24V/2A
6FX1112-0AA02Dig. Ausgabe-BG, 16A, 24V/2A
6FX1112-0AB01Dig. Ausgabe-BG, 16*2A
6FX1115-0AA01 (03811-A)Video-BG 5MHz
6FX1115-0AA02 (03811-B)Video-BG 5/8MHz
6FX1117-8AA01 (03101-A)CPU-BG GA0-3
6FX1118-1AA01 (03201-A)Speicher-BG, Eprom, GA0-2
6FX1118-1AA02 (03202-A)Speicher-BG, Eprom, GA0-2
6FX1118-4AA01 (03401-A)Dig. Ein.-/Ausgabe-BG 48E/24A, 24V/100mA
6FX1118-4AB01 (03400-A)Dig. Ein.-/Ausgabe-BG 48E/24A, 24V/100mA
6FX1120-2CA00Speicher-BG, 3 Steckplaetze
6FX1120-2CA01Speicher-BG, 3 Steckplaetze
6FX1120-2CA02Speicher-BG, 3 Steckplaetze
6FX1120-3BA01 (03845)Koppel-BG PLC-PLC
6FX1120-3BB00Koppel-BG PLC CU/EU
6FX1120-3BB01Koppel-BG PLC CU/EU
6FX1120-3BE00Koppel-BG PLC CU/EU
6FX1122-1AA01 (03831)Koppel-BG PLC-NC
6FX1122-1AC02 (03830)Koppel-BG PLC-NC
6FX1122-2AA01 (03841)Koppel-BG NC-PLC, 5MHz
6FX1122-2AB01Koppel-BG NC-PLC, 8MHz
6FX1122-2AB02Koppel-BG NC-PLC, 8MHz
6FX1122-2AD02 (03840)Koppel-BG NC-PLC, 8MHz
6FX1122-2AM02Koppel-BG NC-PLC, 8MHz, Export
6FX1123-0AA01 (03421-A)Dig. Ausgabe-BG, 48A, 24V/500mA
6FX1123-3CA00Interface-CPU-BG 0.L2
6FX1123-6AL00RAM-Modul,PLC AG130W, 32KB
6FX1123-7AA00 (03325-A)Messkreis-BG, 1*Ist-/6*Sollwert
6FX1123-7AA01 (03325)Messkreis-BG 1*Ist/6*Sollwert
6FX1125-1AA00 (03315-A)Messkreis-BG, 4*Istwert/1*Messfuehler
6FX1125-1AA01 (03316)Messkreis-BG, 4*Istwert/1*Messfuehler
6FX1125-5AB01 (03806)Video-BG 8MHz (Farbgrafik)
6FX1125-8AC01CPU-BG Elektronisches Getriebe
6FX1130-6BA00Dig. Ausgabe-BG 48A/0,5A
6FX1190-1AE00 (03260-E)Speicher-BG, RAM 8KB
6FX1190-1AF00 (03260-F)Speicher-BG, RAM 16KB
6FX1190-1AG00 (03260-G)Speicher-BG, RAM 32KB
6FX1192-4AA00 (03410-A)Dig. Eingabe-BG, 96E, 24V
6FX1192-4AB00Dig. Eingabe-BG, 96E 24V
6XG3407-1AA02Luefter-BG Rahmen Sys 3, 1 Luefter