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Please note:

  • Sales only for commercial and industrial customer
  • Inquiries for spare parts are accepted only in written form (fax ⁄ email).
  • Please give name and address of your company, your name (if necessary department) and a telephone number at which we can reach you.
  • Telephone price information is not given by us!
  • Assemblies are not repaired by us or are taken back in the exchange!
  • Of requests for small parts please refrain because we only deliver complete assemblies.
  • On the assemblies delivered by us we grant 1-year warrenty unless otherwise agreed!
  • Technical support by the commissioning of assemblies purchased by us is natural for us. As a service company we dispose of more than 35 years of experience with Siemens-NC, SPS and drive technology.

Price Part number Article description
6FC3068-3DRBedientafel Sys Sprint 8T, kpl. ohne NC-On-Modul
6FC3358-3DRBedientafel System 8MC, kpl. ohne NC-On-Modul
6FC3388-3DRBedientafel Sys. Sprint 8M, kpl. ohne NC-On-Modul
6FX1113-0AA01 (MS 101)CPU-BG
6FX1113-0AA02 (MS 102)CPU-BG
6FX1113-0AE02 (MS 102)CPU-BG (Export)
6FX1113-2AA01 (MS 140_141)Stromversorgungs-BG
6FX1113-4AB01 (MS 301-B)Messkreis-BG mit Zusatz-BG MS340-A, ab 5 Achsen
6FX1113-4AD01 (MS301-D)Messkreis-BG m. Zusatz-BG MS340-A, ab 5 Achsen
6FX1113-5AA00 (MS 311-A)Messkreis-BG, 2 Achsen Analog
6FX1113-6AA00 (MS 321-A)Messkreis-BG, 2 Achsen Digital
6FX1114-5AA00 (MS 710-A)Koppel-BG ext. PLC
6FX1114-6AC01Koppel-BG ext. PLC
6FX1115-6AA00 (MS 340A)Sollwerterweiterungs-BG
6FX1116-6AA01 (MS 501-A)Logik-Modul 3, 56E/56A
6FX1116-6AB01 (MS 501-B)Logik-Modul 2, 56E/28A
6FX1116-8AA00 (MS 760-A)Koppel-BG
6FX1122-1AD02Koppel-BG (ext.AG)
6FX1190-3AA00 (MS 250-A)Messkreis-BG, 4 Achsen Digital + Spindel
6FX1190-3AD00 (MS 250-D)Messkreis-BG, 4 Achsen Digital + Spindel
6FX1190-7AA00 (MS 230-A)Messkreis-BG, 4 Achsen Analog + Spindel
6FX1190-7AB00 (MS 230-B)Messkreis-BG, 3 Achsen Analog + Spindel
6FX1190-7AC00 (MS 230-C)Messkreis-BG, 4 Achsen Analog + Spindel
6FX1192-3AB00 (MS 122-B)Speicher-BG, C-MOS-RAM 128KB
GE.548 020.9010.00Ansteuer/Netzgeraet f. Istwertanzeige
MS 200-AMesskreis-BG 3 Achsen Analog + 1 Spindel
MS 261Induktosysn-Anpass-BG
MS 320 AMesskreis-BG, 2 Achsen Digital